French Summer Camps / Séjours Linguistiques D'Anglais


Our aim is to give everyone the love and knowledge of a country, its language and its culture. / Notre ambition est de transmettre à chacun l'amour d'un pays, de sa langue et de sa culture.

Solenn organises summer camps every summer in July and August. These creative summer camps aim at teaching French through activities such as cooking, crafts and outdoor games with native French and Irish children but are also open to other nationalities. The idea is to recreate a little bit of France for Irish children.

Size of the group: No more than 20 children per day (roughly 10 Irish children and 10 French children)

Supervision: The children are under my supervision at all time with the assistance of young native French speakers who help them in the kitchen and organise the games.

Venue: Solenn's School, Bealady Farm, Rathdowney, Co. Laois

We live in a farmhouse surrounded by animals (sheep, cattle, horses, hens) and pets (dogs). Please be aware of this in case of allergies and/or fears of dogs. The house and the garden are separated from the farmyard and the animals in summertime are in the fields surrounding the house. The children are supervised at all time and are not allowed to go to the farm yard on their own.

A typical day: