Typical day:

Half Day or Day camp

10am-11am Fun activities for learning new vocabulary – The children work in 2 language groups. We use card games and activities specially designed for teaching English as a foreign language and for developing communication skills while having fun.
11am Cooking (the children work in their language group in pairs and they cook an Irish recipe)
11.30am Small breakfast
12-1pm Outdoor games (bilingual)
1.30-3.30pm – Craft activities under the hay shed (bilingual)
– Games and snack in the garden (bilingual)
– Songs (French and English)


9am Wake up call
9.30-10am Breakfast
10am-3.30pm Same as above
3.30pm Snacks and drinks
4-5pm Free time to do a board game, kick a ball in the garden, unwind or go for a walk with me on the farm
5-5.30pm Time to ring home and to do house chores (the children have to do one small task every day in order to help with the everyday house chores. They work in pairs with an Irish child.
5.30-7pm -Work in groups with the Irish assistants
-Scrapbook about Ireland and Irish culture/ Recipe book
-Reading an English book with the assistants
7-7.30pm Shower
7.30-8.15pm Dinner (French and Irish specialities)
8.15-9.45pm Movie time ! Selected French and Irish or English children movies with subtitles.
9.45pm Bed time
10pm Turn off lights


Saturday : Day trip (for residential camp only)

On the Saturday we go on a full day tour, have a picnic and a walk in a wood or a bog and visit a place of historical interest such as Roscrea Castle, the Rock of Dunamaise, Kilkenny Castle or Birr Castle. We also go to a small souvenir shop and a supermarket to do a bit of shopping.


During the week, the children become familiar with Irish culture by singing traditional songs, playing games, cooking and tasting Irish food, learning to play hurling or to do an Irish dance, filling a scrapbook about Ireland and listening to the Irish children talk about their daily life.


They don’t have time to be bored or homesick!