Practical Information

Transport (for children coming from abroad) Children are asked to travel on Sunday afternoon/evening. They must carry a letter signed by their parents/guardians authorising them to travel on their own and mentioning where they go (write my name, address, phone no and dates of their stay).

Airport transfer: We provide airport transfer by minibus. I go to the airport to welcome the children and I bring them back to the airport when they leave.

Meals: All the meals are prepared here with fresh food. The children have breakfast at 9.30am, a snack at 11am, a light lunch at 1pm, a snack at 4pm and a good dinner at 7/7.30pm.

Coeliac and lactose intolerant children are welcome.

The children travelling by plane will be given a small picnic on their arrival and on their way back home.

Accommodation : There are 3 bedrooms for the children in the house. The boys sleep in the attic (4 beds). The girls are accommodated in the 2 bedrooms downstairs (1 with 2 bunk beds and a single bed and one with 3 beds). French and Irish children share bedrooms. The house is spacious.

European Health Insurance Card (compulsory): The European Health Insurance Card or EHIC (formerly the E111 form) allows the holder to access health care services when travelling to or on holiday in another EU or EEA country. You can usually apply for it online.
As children will be staying in the countryside, please make sure that their tetanus vaccine is up to date.

Allergy or fear of animals: We live on a farm and we’re surrounded by animals (sheep, cows, horses, hens) including two dogs who live in the house. Be aware of this if your child is allergic or is afraid of dogs. The livestock are in the fields around the house. The house and the garden are separated from the farm et the children are supervised at all time. They are not allowed to go to the farmyard on their own and they are under the supervision of an adult when they go to a field.

Supervision: The children are under my supervision or the supervision of an adult at all time with the help of  native French and Irish language assistants. There is roughly 1 assistant for 4 children.

Pocket money: The children won’t really need pocket money but, on the Saturday,  we might go to a souvenir shop and a supermarket to buy small souvenirs and ingredients for the recipes that children want to make again. €10 or €15 would be plenty

Use of mobile phone, tablet and computer: The children have access to their mobile phone or tablet only between 5pm and 5.30pm- or under request, later in the evening- only to ring their parents. They are allowed to connect to my Wi-Fi network during that time. The phones or tablets are not allowed otherwise and will be held by me. The children who don’t have a phone can ring their parents at any time on my mobile phone. The use of computer, tablets or video games is forbidden during the whole stay at Solenn’s School.