All the summer camps are bilingual camps with Irish children. For more information, please read the section “about us”.


Dates Age
14-21 June 2020 13-14 yrs
21-28 June 2020 13-14 yrs
28 June-5 July 2020 13-14 yrs
5-12 July 2020 12-14 yrs
12-19 July 2020 10-12 yrs
19-26 July 2020 10-12 yrs
26 July-2 August 2020 10-12 yrs
2-9 August 2020 15-16 yrs (NEW!)*

*: new programme for 15-16 year olds with oral workshops in the morning, cultural trip and outdoor activities in the afternoon and travel scrapbook in the evening . Each teenager will have an Irish partner of the same age– The group will be composed of 6 Irish girls and 6 French girls staying at Solenn’s  School and 4 Irish boys and 4 French boys staying in a nearby farmhouse. Boys and girls will meet for the afternoon trips. Contact Solenn’s School for further details.

Residential camps for 10-13 year old children: Friday 26 Oct-Friday 2 Nov 2018 (price: €550 including transfers to and from the airport)

Same programme as for summer camps  with the theme of Halloween.